Touch Love

If my eyes were darts, I already would have hit him bulls eye multiple times. The guy totally ignored all the warning looks that I gave him throughout the live telecast. He never listened and didn’t follow what we agreed beforehand that he should keep still and only act on cue. I was furious that … More Touch Love

Kindling the Flame

He stood at her doorstep at the first light of day, his right arm holding little Lala and on the left, her brother, Kiki. She eyed him from head to foot, noting the newly washed hair, the black DuPi shirt, gray sweatpants, flip-flops and the camouflage backpack slung over his shoulder. He looked like he was going … More Kindling the Flame

A Rose on the Path

To work myself till I drop from fatigue was an unforgiving creed I adopted years after college. After all, there was no more to life for me- no family, no close friends, no scheming boyfriends. Having been an orphan twice, first at the age of five when my unknown mother abandoned me at an orphanage … More A Rose on the Path